Pubblichiamo il testo di una preghiera alla Vergine Maria che ci è stato gentilmente inviato dall’amica Chaterine K., che vive nel Nevada, negli Stati Uniti, la quale è assidua frequentatrice soprattutto dei testi in lingua inglese presenti nel nostro sito. Ringraziando per il contributo, proponiamo la supplica, nella versione originale, agli amici de “I sentieri dell’icona”. La preghiera può essere recitata anche davanti all’icona della Madre di Dio.

All-Merciful Virgin Theootokos Mother of compassions and love for mankind. My most beloved hope and aspiration! O Mother of the most sweet and most desired Savior, who exceedeth every love, Jesus Christ, the Lover of my darkened soul! I, the exceeding sinful and hopeless one, fall down before Thee, to Thee I make my prayer, O well-spring of compassion, Virgin Mary, who didst bear the abyss of compassion and depth of mercies and love for mankind; have mercy on me, have mercy on me, I painfully cry to Thee, have mercy on me who am all in wounds, who has fallen among brutish thieves and who am, alas! Stripped naked of the garment in which the Father clothed me, wherefore I lie stripped of every good deed, my wounds sinking and festering before my madness. My Mistress Theotokos, look down on me, I humbly pray Thee, with Thy merciful eye and despise me not, who am all in darkness, all in filth, all immersed in the mire of passions, terribly fallen and unable to stand. Do thou take pity on me and grant me a helping hand, lift me up out of sinful depths, o my joy! Deliver me from them that surround me; make Thy face to shine upon Thy servant; save the perishing. Cleanse the filthy; for Thou canst do all things, as Thou art the Mother of God Almighty. Pour forth on me the oil of Thy compassion and grant me to overflow the wine of compunction, for I have acquired Thee as truly the only hope in my life; turn Thou not away from me who flee to Thee, but behold my grief, O Virgin, and the longing of my soul and accept this prayer and save me, O Thou the Mediatress of my salvation. Amen.